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Technical Intervention To Protest Course

Key Highlights

Navigate challenging Glue-on (Adhesion) or Simple Lock-on incidents proportionately, lawfully and safely.

Provides learners with the knowledge and confidence to use Tools and Equipment including Glue Debonder and Hydraulic cutters

Understanding the differing levels of protest activity and tactics as well as the required management/intervention techniques.

The instructors are former Police Commanders, Protest Removal Trainers and practitioners.

What's it

The CPD-Certified TIP Course is the second in a training series, to develop and upskill relevant Security Officers (or other Staff) whether frontline or other, to be able to effectively, safely and lawfully deal with Adhesion incidents and Simple ground level lock ons during incursion.

Building on the foundation laid by the DWIPA course, our TIP course offers specialised training in technical interventions, including dealing with challenging situations such as glue-on and lock-on incidents. Participants will learn practical techniques and strategies to respond effectively to protest-related situations.

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Kenny is a retired Police Superintendent with 30 years’ Service. He is a former Bronze and Silver Public Order Commander who has accumulated significant operational experience in the Police; especially in relation to public protest, balancing the rights of individual protest with the right of other individuals to go about their lawful activity. He is also a former Security Coordinator (SECCO) and has planned and successfully delivered VIP and Royal visits.

More recently, Kenny has undertaken an advisory and liaison role with Industry and has been integral in the development and delivery of the DWIPA course for the past 6 years.



Ray will oversee the programme management of the agreed services. Ray holds a Master of Science Degree in relation to Security Management, is a Chartered Security Professional and a Fellow of the Security Institute.


We will deliver the training in accordance with the agreed training objectives. There will be an end of training evaluation providing course feedback.

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