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Security Consultancy

Our subject matter experts will consult with you to achieve a robust and resilient, secure solution for your business.

Security Master Framework

RMR Limited will prepare and provide your business with a robust plan to fulfil your business’ security requirements.

Security Strategy and Policy Review

We will provide complete up-to-date review of your business’ current security, risk management policy and implementation methods followed by comprehensive report and recommendations.

Security Survey

We can provide a complete survey of your facilities, buildings and systems that are currently in place.  On completion, your business will be provided with a detailed report and recommendations.

Physical Penetration Testing

We can test the effectiveness of your organisation’s physical security, processes and controls using legal and ethical techniques. 

Threat and Vulnerability Assessment

We will identify the gaps or weaknesses that may be exploited and undermine the security of your organisation
Reports and recommendations are provided following all assessments.

Embedded Security Adviser

Our dedicated and experienced security advisers can guide you and your organisation through your current and emerging challenges providing real time appropriate and effective responses.

Specialist Training Services

We provide training in Dealing with Protest, Incursion and Activism to enhance the performance of your staff ensuring they have the knowledge, skills and best practice techniques to deal with unlawful protest or incursion safely, lawfully and with due regard for all those involved. Dealing with Protest, Incursion and Activism Training can be either in person or online and tailored to the challenges faced by your organisation.  The training explores legal framework, levels of protest activity, conflict management and tools for intervention. In addition, we can offer your front line teams basic technical intervention techniques, and enabling your team to be able to deal with basic lock on’s or adhesion incidents.

Specialist Services: Dealing with Incursion, Protest and Activism

Our security officers have specialised in Dealing with Incursion, Protest and Activism.  Their training includes, the laws surrounding the rights of protestors, safe intervention scenarios, conflict resolution and low-level technical intervention/ protest removal.  Our team(s) can deploy in response to an event or be a proactive value add to your security team.  Having a team providing security and proactively prepared provides a cost effective response to unlawful events affecting your business.

Threat Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering

We will identify and analyse tactics, techniques and entities which may threaten your organisation using open source intelligence gathering or investigation to provide due diligence on all aspects of your organisation.
These services include:

Open source threat monitoring, analysis and intelligence reporting
Due diligence checks on employees, stakeholders
Specific investigation

All reporting will provide, methodologies, findings and recommendations.

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