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Dealing with Incursion, Protest and Activism (DWIPA)Training

The CPD-Certified Dealing with Incursion, Protest, and Activism course is designed for anyone who may have to deal with protesters, activists, or unlawful incursions onto private property.

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New Launch!

Technical Intervention to Protests Course!

Our new CPD UK certified course is designed for professionals working in security, law enforcement, and other related fields, this course delves into the complexities of protest dynamics, de-escalation strategies, risk assessment, and operational planning.

Download the full brochure now for more information!

TIP Course
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Enabling Your Business to Grow

by providing knowledge based solutions to ensure security, safety, risk mitigation and enabling effective business continuity for your business.

Proactive Service Solution

Providing you with a robust and resilient strategic security framework, tailored to your business needs. 

Professional Team

The team include experienced industry experts and skilled specialist operators to address unique challenges your business is facing.

Actionable Resolution

through information, communication and analysis to provide intelligence based recommendations and hands on support.


Security Consultancy

Designing and providing your business with strategic solutions specific to the security challenges your business is facing by using the best security knowledge to design your security framework.

Specialist Services

Our specialist security officers are trained to Deal with Protest, Incursion and Activism while providing facility guarding services.  We can enhance your business resilience by dealing with situations lawfully and safely.

Dealing with Protest Training

We provide training in Dealing with Protest, Incursion and Activism for your staff ensuring they have the knowledge to deal with unlawful protest or incursion safely, lawfully and with due regard for all those involved.

Threat Monitoring and Intelligence Gathering

We will identify and analyse tactics, techniques and entities which may threaten your organisation using open source intelligence gathering which can help to keep your business safe.

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Managing Protests on Campus Webinar

Explore how Higher Education authorities and Student Unions can best balance freedom of speech and the right to demonstrate amid rising activism and following the introduction of the Higher Education (Freedom of Speech) Act 2023.

The slides from the webinar are now available to everyone!

Webinar Download

Explore Your Security Options.

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Looking for An Experienced Security Consultant

Our security consultants have over 30 years in the security industry experience garnered from the UK and international high risk and corporate environments.  They are members of leading security professional groups and promote the highest standards of professional competence and knowledge.  All are subject matter experts.  If you would like to contact one of our consultants, please provide your email address:


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